Friday, 9 May 2014


Time is elastic.....time is plastic
why carry it around tied to the wrist?
Old  theories so is fantastic
then why check your phones as if you can't resist?

Like tall trees fleeting by the window of a train
like birds fluttering across the blue sky,
Not that I endure less,or resist the pain,
but most moments are forgettable,meant to fly.

Like ice to water,and water to ice,
at times it contracts to a miserable size,
In others,time does suffice
time indeed,does often surprise.

For when late for school,and later for work,
the last minutes of exams,and first few on stage,
Time does carry a certain quirk
it entraps as if forming an imaginary cage.

Contrary to others,where it seems infinite,
like staring into a smudging sunset,or lost in a lover's eyes,
Like lying below the starry clusters bright,
or for a mother,when her newborn first cries.

Like the moment when a blushing bride,enters in impeccable white
as a baby reaches out to his mother's hand and wraps his fingers around
His first words ,his first steps,is there a bigger delight,
or a more breathtaking sight?

Time can be created,and similarly destroyed,
so why the hurry and why the despair?
Make sure all the right moments are rightly enjoyed,
because sometimes winners in life are losers who don't care

For a day will come when you would shut your eyes,
like a camera reel,many memories will roll by,
And before your soul does finally rise,
those memories be worth watching,do try ;)

-Niharika Prasad