Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Why Am I Not Afraid Of The Dark, Mother?

Warmly tucked in bed, i smile at your attempts mother,
as your story kindles my imagination, painting misty images in front of my eyes.
I reach out hesitantly, to your familiar touch, there cannot be another,
the tinkling of your bangles fade away,i slumber away fast to my surprise.

In my dreams i see the tall trees mother, just as you always describe,
touching the sky which is gradually blotched by inky wispy giants.
I wonder if it could be as easy as this to predict the rain,
if it were so, you would never have to warn me again and again.

A loud cry pierces the silence, waking me up from my trance,      
a familiar pitch black now envelops me.
The vivid colors dissolve away, lost into a dim expanse,
why am i not afraid of the dark, mother; why cannot my eyes see?

Clinging to the edge of my bed, carefully i step down,
and with tiny hesitant steps, i follow my brother's cry,now a smothered sob.
Despite the familiar arrangement ,i almost stumble, i frown,
the blackness cripples me,as i step out of my room,my heart does throb.

I remember the time, when i slipped, lying hurt below the stairs,
sobbing in a corner, more shocked at the realization of how helpless i was,
rather than the feel of warm blood. They could not blind me more, my tears.
why can't i see even a flicker, even a single color, why no cure, no cause?

And then i hear your voice again, soft like the morning rays must be,
illuminating my dark, gloomy world, flooding it with light that i have never seen.
I have always known you are beautiful mother, for that i need not see,
and now i remember the words you always say to me.

The ships may be safe on the harbor, but that's not where they are meant to be,
blind i may be, but only as much as i decide to be.
I can hear,i can smell, i can feel, i can think,
i have to be strong for you mother, i have responsibilities from which i cannot shrink.

It might take me much more time, to do even simple things,
but it is strange, sometimes the surprises destiny brings.
I find myself in an a hopeless dark, in the middle of nowhere,
and one day in the middle of that nowhere, i gradually discover myself. 

Niharika Prasad