Saturday, 27 December 2014

Dawn and Dusk

The sun bleeds into the dusky sky

soaking the cottony clouds afloat,

descending down from its fiery abode,once towering high.

The night now lurks,silently beneath its dark cloak.

My eyes do see but watch no more,

as  slowly fades into oblivion,the star of dawn

The ocean gasped upon the shore,

but all in vain,the sun is gone.

I had out walked the furthest city light,

lest sorrow lend me words and words express

My heart shudders as the insensate night,

robs the earth of day's soothing warmness.

Tearing the curtain of dark expanse,

fleeting lights of ships give a momentary hope,

As if offering the last chance,

but soon they vanish,leaving my heart to grope.

More chilling is the darkness that envelopes my heart,

as the bitter realization impounds it again.

It is too soon,but we have to part,

for reasons unclear,which you dint bother to explain.

Losing your love,its sole contentment,

my heart now crouches,wounded with pain.

Engulfed with strange resentment,

as it travels down a familiar memory lane.

Grief,anger,despise and regret,all in one,

Wreck my heart,with their persistent scourge.

But in the beautiful confusion of rain and sun,

sometimes an enchanting band of colours does emerge.

And so my heart frees itself from a tiring turmoil,

forgiving you,but not forgetting the days gone by.

It is not worth,this mental toil,

life is too short,to sulk and sigh.

I continue my walk,beside the ocean,

waiting for the dismal night to die.

The wheels of time,in a constant motion,

I watch in peace,as dawn paints the sky.

-Niharika Prasad