Sunday, 5 July 2015

I sway away...

I sway away with a haste, my eyes narrow in a frown
amidst a multitude of colorful lights, I see only a fuzzy gray,
spinning around on my toes, the colors simply dissolve
but your memory stubbornly lurks around , as if to stay

I raise my hands over my head, hastily brushing away a tear
the tear your memory painfully draws,from my eyes tightly shut in despair

I gracefully jerk away my face,determined not to spoil the move,
i have to dance till the end ,I am the winner,I have to prove

The music soars higher still, but what is really so queer,
is the deafening silence. The persistent gripping fear..

Afraid to face the truth, which nastily whispers in my ear,
drowning the pleasant music, it draws near and near

I turn around and swirl away, I hurl myself to the mirror in front of me,
I face my eyes bloody red and smeared,
with a pool of tears that you would never see

As the beats pick up in pace, soaring to the highest pitch,
I throw myself up, away from the ground,fighting against your clutch,
your memories, mocking me like a wicked old witch.
I break into a hysteric sob, its just that I love you too much.


   - Niharika Prasad