Saturday, 29 April 2017

One day..

I sat in front of my desk, staring at the pile of books
As the metal grill which guarded the hall,
Cast tall shadows around me, symbolic ghastly looks
I sighed in the pale light, god how I will finish it all

Wiping away a drop of sweat, I turned my face
The most heavenly wind, the table fan calmed me down
Shifting it to the most suitable place
I picked my pen with a determined frown

Writing furiously I sped my way,
Only pausing to shut my eyes and think
Four home works I thus tossed away
Starving my pen for more ink

I leaned a little and peeped into the living room,
My mother was not to be seen
She was too busy, I wisely did assume
I stretched my legs, leaning back like a queen

I doodled aimlessly and smiled
Making a cartoon of a girl, and dangling diamonds in her neck
I felt stupidly happy like a child
But turned intermittently to check
For the fan was powered by an inverter
Meant for homework and not my cartoon
And no matter what I would prefer                                                        
This evening stayed as hot as the noon

I turned to the fan, swirling so fast
Leaning in closer, I brushed away my hair
Hoping the moment could longer last
I enjoyed the breezy air

But my joy was short, i was struck with despair
I had even accustomed to the jangle for its sake
Oh no, all this is so unfair
Would the electricity be back or night I'll be awake

I leaned back again, this time inspired
I dreamt of work in air conditioned rooms,
Well lit where my eyes no more vexed and tired
And of diamonds and rich perfumes

 What i never thought although, that one day it may be true
And what more that I would be so used to the chill
That initially made my nails a ghostly shade of blue.
Tempting so much was the luxury, that it begun to smother my will

So even today when i find nothing to impel
I picture the little boy my father did once show
Sleeping soundly roadside, an angel in hell
What tomorrow would bring, little did he know

So even today when sleep and boredom envelop me
I switch off the AC, wondering how I ever studied in that fan's roar
I remind myself of what I have to be
Sometimes unease is bliss,
Sometimes we fall before we soar....

-Niharika Prasad

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