Monday, 24 July 2017

The price we must pay

I am lost staring at the sky,
like an artist's palette, colors merging and creating new
With wisps of breeze and a bloody dye,
maybe just his leisure, but how patiently he paints you.

The sky hugs my view, bare of concrete it lay,
no neon lights to spoil my view and none to blame.
Stars who thought they could outshine the sun
by fear of ridicule hid, before it came.

Unaware of the whirling storm in my cup
I have been stirring my coffee, absently staring up high
A sugar cube struggled to float up
quickly melted down, despite its fight.

I ignored it and stared at the sky,
away from the city this seemed a delight
These days black clouds would just float by
not like the old days, now nothing seems right.

I pushed away the newspaper, full of pictures of flash floods and woeful plight
and breathed deep in the cool air, far from the raging sun.
A small voice in my head, said something is not right,
Man has been selfish, and all can’t be undone.

Soon I will be traveling between air conditioned buildings
engulfed by the hum of modern machinery and device
Soon I will be away from the birds and the springs
All men have sinned, and all must pay the price.

                                                                                                    - Niharika Prasad

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