Saturday, 20 April 2019

Just as...

Just as a sliver of moon waits uneasily at the daybreak,
waning to let the sun command the sky.

Just as glistening dewdrops slide down fresh blades of green,
making it seem that the rains did just weep and sigh.

Just as tiny crabs burrow, creating sandy bubbles on the beach,
betrayed by the mighty frothing tide.

Just as countless silvery scales stuck to nylon fishing nets,
the morning catch, reflecting a fisherman's pride.

Just as the grittiness of sand stuck in the web of my toes,
fresh reminiscent of my walk at the teach

Just as this anaphora, my heart races back to you
your memories entwine me, just as you fade out of my reach.


                                                                                                         - Niharika Prasad

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

The Edge

Those eyes trapped between thick lines of kohl, frigidly stare
But yet glued to the screen.
Those eyes tire with the glare
But are possessed by a power unseen.

A hundred emoticons fast as a pulse
Yet none stir her expression less face,
Nor, was there a moment of impulse
As she typed with a practiced pace.

She did not not notice as a breeze blew her curls,

Nor when the screen blurred her eyes,
She was busy abbreviating her words
Finding solace in a world of lies.

He painted a rosy escape, dragging her to the edge,

The edge of an abyss, an abyss of his love.
His words lifted her, prepared to fledge
Far away from the chaos above.

The breeze failed to stir a single ripple in the abyss

She dreamt of gliding through it
Soaking in its bliss;
For as long as fate would permit.

She waited on that very edge, where she was told to wait

The edge, where her heart beats too fast.
She curls her toe, undaunted by fate 
His love, she knew, would have it recast.

                                                 - Niharika Prasad