Sunday, 27 July 2014

Thoughts In Solitude

 A glowing aurora seems to rise,
slowly spreading above the slumberous beach
A dewy luxury surrounds my eyes,
eternity,whose end no eye can reach.

Bringing up fragments of long buried shells,
my toes sink into the sand,still warm and gritty,
Why do seashells sound like the ocean; the question still dwells.
I ignore it and stare into dawn,dazzling,bright and pretty.

As all daily concerns wane away from my mind,
in the desolate expanse of the still waking sea,
Engulfed by love,and thereby blind,
my universe condenses to just you and me.

Just like a longing wish made to a fiery shooting star,
darting with a flash,rousing the otherwise gloomy sky.
For that star itself is long dead,is that not bizarre,
maybe not; like such true faith,may my love never die.

Under the changing purplish hue,of the yawning summer sky,
the day began with the warm sun emerging amidst its cloudy arms,
But now it contently nestles itself,its glow does not now,hurt my eye.
I enjoy the spells of nature,i thank its charms.

As i drive away,i turn the music high
yet again you invade my thoughts,i won't lie,
As the neons light,and i approach the city
it amazes me,such less is needed to feel eternity.

- Niharika Prasad